These are the notice templates for story pages, like {{notice}}.

Using this categoryEdit

To put a template in Category:Story Notice templates:

  • Use <includeonly>[[Category:Story Notice templates]]{{DEFAULTSORT:{{PAGENAME}}}}</includeonly> on the documentation page (see Template:Documentation for more info). The "{{DEFAULTSORT:{{PAGENAME}}}}" magic word is necessary to prevent categorizing all pages using the template (and the documentation page) in the template category! It only has to be added once on the template page.
    • Please also note the {{DEFAULTSORT:{{PAGENAME}}}}.
  • If your template is meant to be used in-line, try and make sure that there are as few line feeds (breaks, whitespace, etc.) as possible.
  • Remember that a template can be put in multiple categories if it belongs to them all!
    • Or, if this is not quite the right category, go back to Category:Templates and try to find a better suited subcategory.

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