aka Tanya Von Degurachaff

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  • I live in Berun
  • I was born on March 4
  • My occupation is Emperial mage
  • I am a nihilist
  • Slimshady2015

    A draft for a Gascoigne and Tanya One-shot that may become more. Work in progress.

    It was a relatively peaceful day in Yharnam. Ever since the scourge had ended there had not been much in the way of chaos. I know it may sound strange, but I miss the chaos, the screams echoing in the night, the streets running red with blood, and let us not forget the ever lingering madness that used to hang in the air. Oh, the memories—I miss cutting people down in the streets, at least then I had somewhere to direct my anger after the untimely deaths of my wife and two daughters.

    In a room overlooking the street, I sit back in my rocking chair, and snarl at the people as they go about their daily lives; another swig of liquor. A life without anything to liv…

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